The mission of Lemira Elementary School is to
motivate, inspire, and educate
all students to be college and career ready.

We  envision :
•A school where all parents /caregivers are
actively involved in the education of their
•A school where there is a strong connection
between school, home, and the community.
•A school where all students meet or exceed
state standards for mastery in all areas.
•A school where all children integrate what they
have learned into real-world situations.
•A school where the staff is supported and has
the resources to do their jobs.
We believe that:
•Children are our highest priority.
•All children can learn and have inherent worth.
•Family involvement is essential to positive student performance.
•Positive family and community role models are essential for
the development of skills and values.
•Early educational intervention is essential.
•Safety is essential for effective teaching/learning.
•Education for all is essential for the survival of society.
•Knowledge of cultural diversity encourages understanding and tolerance.
•High expectation promotes higher levels of achievement.
•Equal opportunity is an inherent human right.
•Human lives can be positively changed.
•The pursuit of excellence requires hard work and life-long commitment.